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In-house Capabilities

ScientaOmicron EVO-Compact Molecular beam epitaxy with UHV deposition capabilities from 77 to 1600 K. Equipped with effusion and e-beam evaporation cells.

Arriving June 2021

molecular beam epitaxy

Oxford Teslatron PT dry refrigerator with base temperature of 1.5K and 12T magnetic field (single axis).

Arriving July 2021

oxford teslatron

Sample preparation: BANTAM milling machine for PCB fabrication, soldering station, etc.

Arriving June 2021

bantam milling

Clemson Shared Facilities

micro fabrication facilitiy

Micro Fabrication Facility

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electron micrscopy

Electron Microscopy Facility

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magnetic resonance facility

Magnetic Resonance Facilities and Capabilities

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xray facility

X-ray Facility

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