At LaBEQ we perform experimental studies on the structure-properties relationships in hybrid superconductor–normal materials systems.

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At Laboratory for Band-engineered Quantum Systems (LaBEQ), we primarily focus on tailoring band structures at the heterointerfaces between superconducting and normal (semiconducting, metallic, ferromagnetic) materials. This requires a deep understanding of the mechanisms that control the physics and chemistry of those interfaces. The resulting band-engineered hybrid systems are expected to play a key role in the development of hybrid classical–quantum processors and sensors. Our experimental work spans a wide range of disciplines including materials growth and characterization, nanofabrication and low-temperature characterization.


We are always interested in talented individuals to join our team as undergraduate, graduate or postdoctoral researchers. Interested individuals are encouraged to contact Professor Sardashti at Please include a brief statement of interest and complete CV in your email.

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